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Special Registries

Listed below are special registries which have been established to track these models.

The International XJ-SC Register (Formerly the Cabriolet Register)

Curator: Bleasie

Cabriolet RegisterWell that's what it was called in 1986 when I purchased Vin 128291.

One of only three XJ-SC's in Grimsby. After a couple of seasons attending Jaguar Club events I had a few names on some A4 sheets of paper & "Bleasies Beauties" appeared in one of the Jaguar Club Magazine every now and again.

I knew that the Vins did not run consecutively, And was unaware of how many had been built (It transpired that neither did Jaguar Cars.) On the 27th June 1990 I approached Jaguar Cars asking if they could supply me with a list of Vins for Cabriolets & would it be possible for me to create a "Register" for same.

On the 11th July I Rxd a letter from a Miss Jackie Llewellyn informing me there was no such list but a Mr Richard Chillingsworth had asked her to supply me with what information thay had which included Total Number Built 4,993. The letter ended "I hope this information will be of some use for Your Register." The Cabriolet Register had been born & with the approval of Jaguar Cars. The first offical Copy of the Register was passed to the then "Archivist" Ann Harris at "Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust" (on a floppy Disc) which was at that time housed in a Porta Cabin adjacent to the Main Block car park at Browns Lane.

By November 1995 having several Members in such places as Illinois, Saint Joroiz, Kuwait, Sigapore , and other such countries I asked permission of Jaguar Cars to change the name to the "International Cabriolet Register." So started many visits to the Archives at Browns Lane. The rest is history as they say here we are 15 years later still going strong and details of all 5013 (not 4,993). Located and logged for posterity in my Data base also held at Jaguar Heritage, Browns Lane & Jaguar Landrover North America.

My thanks to all at JDHT and laterly Jaguar Heritage for all the help I was given to achieve this. Thanks now to Roger for putting all the data on XJSDATA, and of course not forgetting my Number one apprentice Bryan.

Just over 1,000 located World Wide & minimum of 456 Currently taxed in UK.

Note. There is another Web Site purporting to being the "International Cabriolet Register" But this is the real one.

Regards, Bleasie

Visit the Register's web page


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2010-02-19 05:42:30 | Bleasie writes:

My thanks to Roger for all his help, time & effort
Much appreciated
A News Letter "Mean & Roofless" is sent out Monthly midnight last day of the month.
If you wish to be added to the mailing list contact

2010-02-19 07:51:07 | Bryan Thomas writes:

For all things cabriolet and all up todate infomation this is the only site to support and i am proud to be
involved with the day to day running and involvement along side its curator Bleasie who i have known
for the past 18 or more years LONG LIVE THE CABRIOLET regards Bryan XJ-SC 3.6

2010-03-01 10:30:08 | bleasie writes:

Please note
This is the OFFICIAL Site for all things " International Cabriolet Register"
However there is another site purporting to be the "International Cabriolet Register"
But it is a Bogus one.Xclusively Jaguar which is nothing repeat nothing to do with Cabriolets
Bleasie International Cabriolet Register

2010-03-16 18:37:24 | Bleasie writes:

To read all about Cabriolet 2002 click below ...

2010-03-25 13:01:29 | Bleasie writes:

Find us on Face Book

2010-04-10 14:50:50 | Bleasie writes:

International Cabriolet Register
As of Sunday the 4th April We moved to our new Site
As at today Saturday the 19th April we have 45 Members signed up
300 plus photos If you own a Cabriolet come & jion us @

If you missed that click the link below

International Cabriolet Register
The real one the only one

2010-08-16 16:44:42 | Bleasie writes:

www, now has over 100 active Mambers
Why not come & join us
International Cabriolet Register WWW.JAGICR.ORG

2010-10-03 15:30:14 | PAUL ARMSTRONG writes:


2011-01-12 21:13:09 | Alan Mears writes:

Hello Bleasie. Please change my email address. I've purchased the American twin headlights can anyone give me information about fitting them. I have to admit I have not yet taken the oval lights out yet but I'm sure I need more clips etc. I've missed you're emails.

2012-11-20 06:37:35 | Bleasie writes:

Yes we are still alive and well over 200 Members World Wide.

2013-08-23 17:48:44 | bruce writes:

Ihave an early XJS (small stsinless mirrors & "a" pillar,blacked out rear,yellow with black trim. RHD auto,delivered 1977 (australia) , is this rare , indercated body no 2w2389bw engine no 8s6149 sa .

2014-04-21 16:05:04 | Anonymous writes:

Trying to become new member but upload pic on your website does not work.

2014-08-20 11:26:30 | Chris Leeson writes:

I have a cabriolet converted from coupe in 1996 by Paul Banham reg no J685 CEV vin184937 4.0l facelift in excellent condition.
Is it of interest to your register.
Chris Leeson.

2017-02-19 17:50:03 | Laurence writes:

The International Cabriolet Register is still going strong, as at February 2017

It now has a new home, as part of a site dedicated to Jaguar XJS Soft Tops - Cabriolets and Convertibles

Please visit the site - you'll need to register as a member before you can see all the site's content and participate in the active Discussion Forums.


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2018-06-28 21:12:48 | Richard Tomkins writes:

Hi, wondered if you'd like to list our XJR-S registry on here? Currently we're building a web site but we have a 'home' on facebook if anyone is interested?

Many thanks


2019-04-03 21:04:49 | Lako writes:

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2019-04-03 21:05:02 | Lako writes:

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